Talent Points

We cannot stress enough how important the talent tree is to your progress early on in the game, it is perhaps THE most important thing time wise.

The Talent interface has two trees, Battle Talent and Production Talent. As expected the Battle Talent tree has all your battle related attributes, the Production Talent tree has all your production and research attributes.

Basic Early Build

This Talent build is meant to maximize your early game towards speed, and it makes a massive difference. Research for example, when you get to t3 (Elite) troops the research time is generally in the 7 day range, having your talent tree set up as below lowers that by 3 days per troop!

When adding talent points always start on the Production Talent tree. Only add enough points in each item to move on to the next until you reach the Construction Speed and Research Speed items. When you reach those maximize them and move on.

When you are done the Production Tree move on to the Battle Tree and do the same thing, but this time maximizing your troop training attributes.

Having your talent tree set up correctly is well worth the 500 blue diamond, or 45,000 alliance coin cost to reset them if you made a mistake!

Point Distribution

Below is the number of points you have to put in each talent, and the order in which to set your points, to achieve the optimum early build. Note: Always do the Production Talents first, completely before moving on to the Battle Talents.

Production Talents

Battle Talents