Castle Seige

There are currently 8 castles available to take control of, with King’s Landing being the most important. Each of the other 7 castles gives a specific buff to the controlling alliance but King’s Landing has numerous perks that can be handed out as the King sees fit. We’ll list all those buffs for each castle later, but if you want to see them go to your World Map, click the middle icon above the minimap. Each castle is represented by a shield, click one and you will be taken to the castle. Click the castle and then Enter to see what buffs each castle imparts.

There are also 8 minor castles (the small shields on the Kingdom map) that are not available for Siege yet. We haven’t heard much from the developers about when they will open other than “soon”.

How Castle Siege Works

Castle Siege is an alliance activity, you cannot Siege a castle alone (well technically you could but you couldn’t hold it). When the peace timer runs out (you can see the timers in the Castle Siege button in the top bar of your game) your alliance can attack the castle. The first alliance to attack faces no resistance, castles do no have their own troops. So the first one to attack takes control. Once this happens a 1.5 hour timer is set, if your alliance holds that castle for the full 1.5 hours then you hold it for the next 6 days and your alliance gains the buff it imparts.

It really is just that simple… on the surface. But there are strategies that go into making sure you can hold that castle and the battles can be fought for quite some time. Because every time a castle changes hands the timer resets to 1.5 hours. This means you cannot snipe a castle in the last few minutes and just hold it for that time and keep it. Each successful attack requires the new alliance to hold it for a full 1.5 hours.

How to Take a Castle

You want your alliance members that are taking part in the siege to precise transfer as close to the castle(s) you are targeting and in tight formation to be able to support each other and the castle should you gain control. You want to do this just a few minutes before the peace timer runs out, getting there too early can reveal your intentions to your opposition and leave yourself open for attack before the siege even starts.

As mentioned above when the peace timer runs out your alliance should attack the castle(s) you want to take. You do this by having your alliance member with the biggest Bannerman Hall and Embassy attack the castle alone. If you win the race to the castle, and there are generally more than one alliances trying to take each castle, then your remaining alliance members reinforce that player. So it is also advisable for that person to be as close as possible to the castle, but outside the forbidden zone, to have a good supply of racing boots, and preferably the 50% ones to try and get there first.

If your alliance loses that race, then your objective is to rally attack the castle. Again your alliance member with the biggest Bannerman Hall attacks the castle with a rally and your alliance members join the rally. As with any other attack castles can be scouted and the higher your spy level the better the report. It is also important for the person leading the initial attack or rally to have very strong research and lord gear, since all your armies will be fighting using those stats.

Note: Single attacks against a castle after the initial attack are just a good way to kill your troops. A high level player with a level 25 Bannerman Hall can have 2 million reinforcements in that castle.

Note2: Unlike normal battles both sides take deaths in a city siege. Both attacker and defender.

Secondary Strategies

There are also other strategies for Castle Sieges, I admittedly have only been a part of a few myself so my knowledge here is not deep, if you can add to this guide at all please feel free to reach out to me in game [k31]Freaky Geek or in Discord (anywhere I am in game Discord Channels I use the same name).

But basically anything you can do to weaken your competition before the siege will help. Attacking any other alliances that are positioned to possibly siege the castle(s) you are targeting. I have heard of alliances that capture as many competition lords in the hours leading up to the siege and will not release them until the siege ends. The goal is to weaken your opponents before the fight begins.

Castle Buffs

Castle Effect
Winterfell Total Attack +10%
Riverrun Infantry Attack +20%
Eyrie Bowmen Attack +20%
Casterly Rock Cavalry Attack +20%
Highgarden Total Health +10%
Storm's End Total Defense +10%
Sunspear Spearmen Attack +20%
Dreadfort Cavalry Attack +10%
Oldtown Total Attack +5%
Gulltown Total Attack +5%
Harrenhal Total Health +5%
Moat Cailin Spearmen Attack +10%
Greywater Watch Bowmen Attack +10%
Pyke Total Defense +5%
The Twins Total Attack +5%
Castle Black Infantry Attack +10