Rebel Leaders

Expeditions are attacking the horses on the World Map, and are a very important part of the game for a number of reasons.

You should ALWAYS be attacking the Rebel Leaders and using up your Motivation. There is no reason to wait, the more you attack the stronger you’ll be, the more you kill the more you benefit your alliance. If you can’t kill them alone yet work with your alliance to kill them together!

Each day there are two different Rebel Leaders available on the World Map, you can see which two by clicking the search (magnifying glass) on the World Map. Each Rebel Leader stays for 2 days but they overlap. So today you might have Crownlands Rioter and Westerlands Ore thief, tomorrow you might have Westerlands Ore Thief and Northern Rebel, and the next day Northern Rebel and Old Town Student. We are still working on seeing if there is any pattern to the rotation of Rebel Leaders. Generally the Rebel Leader on the left in search is the new one, and the one on the right the one that will be replaced on the next day’s reset. This does seem to occasionally glitch though.

NOTE: In a recent update the way you decide your lineup for attacking Rebel Leaders has changed. There is significantly more importance on countering than before. This refers to troop counter:

  1. Spearmen > Cavalry
  2. Cavalry >Infantry
  3. Infantry >Spearmen

This is not just the direct counter across from the leader in the formation screen either, every commander matters. So for example when attacking a Stormland’s Insurgent which is an infantry type you want to use as many Cavalry commanders as possible. Even if you have to replace a stronger commander with a weaker one.

Rebel Leader Rotation

Rebel Leaders are on a set overlapping rotation. Each leader stays on the world map for 48 hours with a new one rotating in each day at reset time. Below is that rotation, when it reaches the end it just starts again from the beginning.

Day Leader 1 Leader 2
1 Westerlands Ore Thief Stone Way Claimant
2 Narrow Sea Rider Westerlands Ore Thief
3Northern RebelNarrow Sea Rider
4Hedge KnightNorthern Rebel
5Bolton's BoyHedge Knight
6Stormlands InsurgentBolton's Boy
7Crownlands RioterStormlands Insurgent
8Riverlands PoacherCrownlands Rioter
9Oldtown StudentRiverlands Poacher
10Black EarsOldtown Student
11Greenblood WarriorBlack Ears
12Stone Way ClaimantGreenblood Warrior

Rebel Leader Material Drops

Leader NameBlacksmith SetBlacksmith ItemsDrop 1Drop 2Drop 3Drop 4
Stormlands InsurgentStorm's RageMain Hand - Storm BreathIvory Gold Plated CupStormlands DrawingFlagpoleRider Saddle
Black EarsStorm's RageChest - Storm's Rage Leather ArmorBeast BiterBlack Ears ChainMountain Clan CoatHouse Blood
Black EarsStorm's RageOff Hand - Storm's Rage AxeBeast BiterBlack Ears ChainHouse TanningHouse Blood
Black EarsStorm's RageAccessory - Fang of FuryBeast BiterBlack Ears ChainHouse TanningMountain Clan Coat
Stormlands InsurgentStorm's RageLegs - Storm's Rage Leg ArmorIvory Gold Plated CupStormlands DrawingHorseshoe NailRider Saddle
Stormlands InsurgentStorm's RageHeadIvory Gold Plated CupStormlands DrawingFlagpoleHorseshoe Nail